Stay on top of your finances with Eemel

Send and Receive Invoices


Eemel’s lightning fast invoicing software saves your time and help you to get paid. You can send invoices to multiple channels and also receive e-invoices to same platform.


You can receive invoices in multiple formats, including e-invoices, that makes sure you are up to speed to deliver even larger organisations. 


With automatic reporting you stay on top of your finances. 


Manage payroll

Payroll made simple and you’ll never miss a payment or taxes again.  Our software makes the Finnish payroll management easy and secure and it will automatically file all the needed tax reports. 

Accounting software

We cover all the accounting needs for small business. By using our invoicing, general ledger and payroll most of the accounting is done automatically and you need assistance only with more complex tasks. Your accountant can connect with you directly on the platform so this is financial management done right.  

And a lot more

We can cover your needs in verified E-sign, document management, product register and a lot more.

We have also build custom purpose integrations to support your business processes in an optimal way.

Contact our team for more details.  

Eemel grows with you

You can easily select which modules to use and add services as your business grows. We are here to help you to handle your finances so you can concentrate bringing more value to your clients. 


Customer Experience 

Frequently asked questions

Can I make quotations?

Yes. We have tool to manage quotations and orders right in the same software. 

Can I send invoices in other languages?

Yes, Eemel-invoicing has invoice templates for English, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish and Estonian.

Can I send E-invoices?

E-invoices are included in all our plans.